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A Taste of the New Hampshire Film Festival 2013

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It was hard to miss the presence of the New Hampshire Film Festival in Portsmouth this Friday, October 18th as people sported lanyards around their neck, pop up maps, water from Norway and thick glossy schedules full of film descriptions and show times.

Here some highlights from the films shown on Friday:

Cold Turkey directed by Will Slocombe, was well attended Friday morning as it deviled in the complicated relationships of family and the drama that gets unearthed each holiday season as they reunite.  The unrestrained remarks of Alicia Witt’s character Nina no doubt bring to light the conflicts that have been siting dormant.  Do be aware that the family tree takes a moment to understand but makes for all the more interesting of a story.  Be carefully who you take to see this film with you….unless you’re looking to start some drama of your own.

Salvatore a short film in Italian, so short that the entirety of the story is described in its description.  After the Pope is claimed dead he comes back to life saying he saw nothing.  While interest in plot lacks, lighting, dialogue and editing were represented well.

Trold a short filmed in Denmark was visually raw and relied heavily on editing to explain the haunting story of a young girl, who becomes pregnant, gives birth and struggles with her religion.  A bit disturbing and bloody at times but does well to unsettle the audience as a way to connect us to the character. This is not a film for everyone.

Allein, an Austrian piece, does a great job forcing its audience to watch by the edge of their seat.  We watch as a man treks deeper and deeper into a factory basement with only the flash of his camera giving him light and acting as the only means for the audience to see.  This man’s discovery will haunt you.  The use of photography and craft of lighting really make this film stunning.  Allein crosses boundaries, speaks of human values and makes you asked yourself where you cross the line.

Josh Pais’s character Paul steals the show in Touchy Feely directed by Lynn Shelton instead of Rosemarie DeWitt as the trailer suggests.  It is a drama to take note of with its themes of everyday life struggle, and healing, with family and maybe a little ecstasy.

Here are a few other films to take note of:

Look out for Drinking Buddies a featured narrative film staring Olivia Wilde and Jack Jack Johnson (who many may know from his role as Nick on FOX’s comedy New Girl).

All That I Am Staring Christopher Abbott (known from HBO’s hit show Girls) looks to be a compelling story about three orphaned children who get a visit from their biological father.  It is the sound of a known story told backwards which is quite intriguing.

Also take note of Labor Day directed by Jason Reitman.  Staring Kate Winslet and Tobey Maguire this is a film about a mother and son who get convinced to help a man they later find out is a convict.

Check out for more films and ticket information!

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