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Don’t Untag That Photo Returns, Starring Annalisa Giglio

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Don’t Untag That Photo is back with a whole new dish of dicey delicacies from Annalisa Giglio, our cosplay extraordinaire and brilliantly insightful TV “Binge Watcher.” Annalisa shares a piece of her personal history, the teenage awkward phase, and reminds us that we can’t have the dashing good looks of Neil Patrick Harris every day. So let’s all take a trip down memory lane to a place and time we never hope to return: Middle school. Oh, and those first couple particularly hormone-driven years of high school:

Let’s face it. No one will have perfect photo ops 100% of the time. Everyone falls victim to either a) An unattractive selfie that somehow still creeps onto social media, b) The god awful photo taken at the worst possible time, or c) The unfortunate and unavoidable facial expression flashed at the camera lens. Now this is a true statement, unless of course, you’re Barney Stinson. But most, if not all, of us are not. With that being said, lets have some real talk. Look at photos of me from when I was knee high to a grasshopper until the age of oh, for argument’s sake, lets say 10. I was a cute kid. Then, puberty happened, and I got all lanky, gangly, and gawky. I went through that middle-school gothy phase but eventually weaned myself off of that and gave up the Tripp pants and dark eye makeup. Looking back, I realize that nobody makes it through life without that awkward phase (some just last longer than others), and that hey, a photo is just a photo. Who isn’t guilty of making an outlandish face just because? You have to go through life expecting hiccups and speed bumpsthey’re part of you, as are those selfies and snapshots. They’re all little puzzle pieces that tell a story, regardless of how attractive you look. I’ve had Belgium-sized zits on my face, bad hair days, questionable makeup days, wardrobe malfunctions, screwy teeth (pre-braces), and everything in between, but does that stop me from taking pictures of myself or allowing others to do it? You bet your boots it doesn’t! Beauty ain’t skin deep, ya know?

The Electric Feast's chameleon of cool hair, Annalisa Giglio, even has her off days and she embraces them like her life-size Tom Hiddleston pillow (you can't tell me she doesn't own one).

The Electric Feast’s chameleon of cool hair, Annalisa Giglio, even has her off days and she embraces them like her life-size Tom Hiddleston pillow (you can’t tell me she doesn’t own one).

Though we will all never look at Funfetti the same way, these photos are where Annalisa’s power derives from because for her, these photos reconnect her to moments past, and not all of them were as horror-filled as the faces let on. These photos are vignettes of a life well-lived, and though awkward and frightening they may be, they do not reflect who she is on the inside (not even the straight up gangster one). And cheers for being completely candid about the size of your blemishes, girl. For we’ve all been to Belgium and back before.

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