What are we?

Good Question

The Electric Feast is a dynamic, opinionated, and sarcastic community that specializes in entertainment review as well as the study of today’s culture in general. We understand that the lines between entertainment, technology, and society are blurring into one big tasty mess, and that’s why we’ve decided to approach it like one.

The “feast” here is exactly what you would expect it to be. It’s a taste of movie reviews here and there, it’s a sample of the latest gadgetry, it’s a spoonful of a local musician or artist. The Electric Feast is a gathering place where you, the audience, are an active participant in the development and shaping of your community. We’re breaking down traditional walls of distance or physics and creating online communities where people can connect, learn from one another, and take part in the discussion. Eat it up!

We want to hear from YOU! Write your articles! Film your videos! Send in whatever you think deserves to be on the web. Who needs to make a personal Tumblr? WE CAN BE YOUR TUMBLR. Join the feast, and you won’t ever be alone again.


– The chEFs