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He Knocked: Breaking Bad Finale Reaction

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Predictable, yet satisfying



My first emotion after watching the conclusion to the award-winning, most watched, and best television show to date, was satisfaction.  I am not surprised, angry, or sad.  My thoughts were serene even throughout the tense scenes and clear until the end.  I am happy at how it ended and heartbroken to see it go.  The final episode of Breaking Bad, “Felina,” wrapped everything up with a pretty, little, blood-soaked ribbon.

How I am going to feel next Sunday night. Credit: Grizzlybomb

How I am going to feel next Sunday night. Credit: Grizzlybomb

The Nazis are dead, Jesse is free and gets revenge on Todd, the money is safe, Walt is able to say goodbye to his wife while admitting his selfishness, Lydia dies slowly, and finally Walt dies due to blood loss.  The only real surprise was how Walt was able to protect the money via Gretchen and Elliot with the aid of Skinny Pete and Badger.  Everything a fan could have wanted or predicted.

I feel like Vince Gilligan fed us no surprises and only answers.  The surprises were left for the journey.  A masterful final season, filled with twists, shocks, and emotions ends with what we foresaw.  Even with it being foreseeable does not mean it was not exciting.  I still tensed up at such scenes as when Walt let loose the M60, when Jesse choked Todd, and when Walt appeared in Skyler’s kitchen, all of which was entertaining.

Humble Beginnings in 2008. Credit: WashingtonPost

Humble Beginnings in 2008. Credit: WashingtonPost

Was predictable the right way to go?  It left nothing to discuss, to imagine, it seems synonymous with closing a book once the final word has been processed, with not wanting to return to its pages.  For a show about cliffhangers, ripples, and chaos it ends highly conveniently.  Walt somehow manages to get cross-country, undetected in a stolen car, Walt seemingly, easily convinces Gretchen and Elliot, Lydia sticks to her pattern of having the same meeting place with Todd as she did with Walt (despite her immense paranoia), the Nazi’s pride remains to be their downfall, Walter is hit by a stray bullet eliminating the need to choose someone to pull a trigger, so on and so forth.  It was all too nice (which is odd to describe a show filled with meth and murder).  Walt even learns a life lesson at the end and unapologetically comes clean about his motivation for his empire business.

The other piece that felt convenient was the lack of intelligence in its ending.  It was an exercise of going through the motions.  In the past Walter White got to where he was by outsmarting others and using creative knowledge (bordering on Macgyver level) to escape and extort.  The way of out smarting the protagonists in the finale was to have a large gun and poison.  No flashy chemistry tricks or mental wiles, simply lies, bullets, and dumb luck.  Perhaps this is what Heisenberg became, linear and to the point.

Overall, I did not know what I wanted from the finale going into it.  I still do not know if this finale is what I wanted, but it has left me satisfied.  The story of Walter White is finished.  Let us appreciate the greatness and the ride that is Breaking Bad.

Credit: Perezhilton

Credit: Perezhilton

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