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On Controversy

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If you can't avoid it, you might as well lean in.

I’m happy to announce that the increased attention I’ve received from all the spheres (perhaps, better said as “planets” I lay claim to, has lead to several engagements. I’ll be writing a philosophical spot on why I am moving forward with my series “On Kyriarchy” tomorrow for the The Daily Brunch, and I’m very excited to be engaging with the international audience of scholars it caters to.

I’ll also be submitting to a lovely journal I encountered on Instagram called “PostColoniality.” I’ll know more about where to direct you when the next edition comes out. Now, as far as being unable to avoid being somewhat controversial. Fine. I am accepting my fate. I am, after all, an activist and a scholar¬†first and foremost, so my role as a critic of culture definitely comes second to anything else.

But in response to those that critique the critic. I have to say the following. It’s really poor form to suggest that a woman only likes a film because a woman directed it. I’ve written on and engaged with many films men have directed. I can’t see why it’s wrong to be especially excited to support the work of a female director I happen to enjoy.

And it’s extra poor form to insist that I only liked the film because the director was female on a cast member’s Facebook page. There’s a lot I would say if I wanted to be spiteful. But, I really don’t. I just want to say that I’m especially excited to cover some of the Frame4Frame film festival the week of September 13th. I look forward to finally writing something about Ball is Life, a film I screened for Women Texas Film Festival.

I’d also like to say the following. If you thought my review of the Alamo was too glowing, I’ll go ahead and concede. There is one problem, and I’d like to see it addressed. I ordered a pizza that was accidentally placed on my friend Kristina Rowe’s tab. It was moved over to my tab, and I paid cash for it, but Kristina’s credit card got a hold on it that might have honestly caused her a great inconvenience. I didn’t want to raise a scene, or mention it, because I know she doesn’t love controversy the way I do. She and I have definitely covered eateries together very positively in the past.

If you make it good with her Alamo, we’ll have no beef, even though in my opinion, Chad the Bartender is a very talented actor, but perhaps sometimes a little prone to insert opinions into other people’s writing that aren’t even there. But if you want *a lot *of my money, get some filmmakers of color in your door. Because you’ll get it. Seriously. I could buy so many pizzas, whatever their type, and beer if you just get the right films. Oh. And stop acting like I don’t know how to critique a film. I have a graduate degree, have written on media since I was in high school, spent the first two years of my undergrad in an RTVF program, and have a deep love and appreciation for celluloid and all the forms that have come after.

This constant questioning of my ability is utter bullshit.

This week you can look forward to my next theoretical installment in On Kyriarchy, and time permitting, a review of Other Halves, (you’ll get it next week if it doesn’t).

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